E-Learning Industry
The interactive video service allows to add interaction between the teacher and students directly to the context of the video materials. Interactive lectures can include polls at a specified point in the video or repetition of tasks directly in the player.

Depending on the user's actions, it is possible to select various plots of the video, repeating or analyzing the material in more detail. Thus, training becomes individual, and an increase in the activity of the audience leads to an increase in attention during training.
New standart of e-learning and activating the audience allows you to get the best performance and highest ctr rates
audience share a link to a game in social. networks creating viral traffic
gamers perform targeted actions (promo codes, purchases, contacts)
audience spends more time on the targeted content
placement channels
you can use interactive videos in the following channels
Social networks
Interactive videos are embedded in social networks like games. They open in the network interface and allow users to interact with the video directly in the wall or dialogue. The service is integrated into Facebook, Vkontakte, Telegram ...
Banner networks and programatics
We support the "Playable Ad" banner ad format, and allow users to display interactive videos on banner networks, video prerolls, and applications. We can distribute ad in the Instargram, Facebook, Google banner networks and ets. or in private banner networks and atTech platforms
Web applications, sites and platforms
Interactive videos are easily integrated into any web page or web platform. We offer a simple and convenient API for advanced video management.
Offline stands
We support the unique opportunity to host conferences and exhibitions. The most simple and mobile stand and the best conversion.
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