Use interactive videos in the most popular traffic channels
Interactive videos are based on html5 technology and are easily promoted in the newest audience channels.
Websites and mobile applications
The interactive player is easily integrated into any web page as a piece of code. The player is adaptive to changes and has an api for interacting with the contents of the player. For example, you can enable or disable interactivity in a video.

The service can also use existing players on the page, adding a layer of interactive elements on top of them. This allows to make already used players interactive.
Social networks
Interactive videos are integrated into social networks like games. This allows to promote it in public and messenger using the tools of promoting posts. We are integrated into Facebook, Vk, Telegram...

Games on social networks have access to public information about gamer accounts, which allows you to target ads for them and create a community of gamers.
Programatics and banner networks
Interactive videos compatible for completely new ad standard "playable ad". This allows to distribute that in the banner networks of Google, Facebook, Instagram, Youtube and many others.

Video can also be distributed in the private banner networks of our partners. We are always open for communication and have sdk for integration with adTech platforms.
Conferences and Exhibitions
We offer a completely new type of stand, effectively involving people, but at the same time light and mobile. You only need a tablet with the game, and a device for broadcasting to a TV screen (for example, apple tv, chromecast). Your stand will fit in a small bag.

The effectiveness of games at conferences has already been proven. Using interactive videos, our clients received at conferences more than 100 contacts every day.
experience of international companies
We create solutions that have already been tested by more than 50,000 players together with global corporations.
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